What we offer


In addition to what we propose in the calendar we offer: One day , a week end or serveral days retreats.


  • To the groups that request it we can ACCOMPANY them IN LITURGICAL TIMES.

Workshops for personal growth and communication 

  •  Meditationfrom breathing to silence 

Meditation is fundamental because it is food for the emotions and for the spiritual intelligence.    respiración

  •  Praying making bread

An opportunity to learn to make bread, enjoy praying with your hands, sharing the basic food of bread  as well as the Word, and to discover ways to share it with others.

  •  Cultivate our interior life through contemplative dance

Through simple steps and appropriate music we will allow our body to speak and express in tune with others.

  • The labyrinth: meditating with the whole body  laby_balcony

The labyrinth is an ancient method of prayer that today we are re-discovering. We cannot separate the mind from the body without inflicting injury on the whole person. We will explore ways to integrate our whole body in meditation to live a more unified life.

  • Massage as anointing  and blessing

Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God through the word and the laying on of hands to many sick people. “To pray with the body” is to allow ourselves to be touched by those hands. They can be the “midwife” to help the new child to be born.

  • Friendship among women: alternative energy for our projects  

Inspired by some biblical women, icons of wisdom made human, we will work on aspects of friendship among women, which are still relevant on the 21st century.  Unfortunately, we still are not free from the ancient patriarchal framework.

  • Body, Self-Esteem and Spirituality

We will discover some tools to help us to maintain our self-esteem and, at the same time, we may empower other women to recognize and re-interpret themselves from other clues.

  • Women in the gospel of Mark

Mark present women as the faithful disciples of Jesus. Their attitudes teach us all the way to follow him.


  •   Meditation with children and young peoplengs24_0046

 Children and young people need, as well as we do, spaces of silence to learn to meditate. They are innate contemplatives and contrary to what we may think, they enjoy the experience if they are properly guided.