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We offer both a title “Wholistic Spirituality” and a background image, the labyrinth. We define spirituality as the way to our interior life and to the center of all, which unifies everything: God. And once in the center, in God, a way of return, not of escape, into reality, now in company, in union.

We wish to make the way with people who wish this to be so. We offer our charism, experience and also our limitations, through programs that we would like them to be wholistic.

We come from a culture that analyzes, dissects, structures and dualizes. Precisely our religion has been under this influence and has caused us to live through this prism.

We would like to offer spaces of integration body-spirit, respecting the different rhythms and cultures when we pray, when we encounter one another and also when we commit ourselves with the different realities around us.